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Have you got the information to make money in a legal way in the Internet? Now you can count on the IPU (Idle Processor Utilization Services). Let’s make money online.

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The LEGITIMATE means to make money from your idle computer time!

You never have to invest a penny to make money at Idle Processor Utilization Services. When it is released, simply download the small Processor application, let it run in the background, and use your computer as you normally would. You will never know it is there, unless you want to view it to see what your pay rate is, information on your referrals/downline are, etc. You never have to do a thing if you do not want to, and you will still earn money.But there is a higher level available; a Division Account Manager.

Discover: Idle Processor Utilization Services Plan:

Let's compare the earnings potentials of both Standard and Division Accounts. Say you are a Standard Member, and you invite 10 members. Each of those invites 10 members, and each of THOSE invite 10 each, and so on, down 4 levels. Let's also say everybody with the Processor Software installed is earning $1 per day each from their computer. As a Standard member, you would earn your $1 for your machine.

You also earn 5% of the next level down (10 machines @ $1 = $10 X 5% = .50),), so .50 cents You would earn 1% on the next level (100 machines @ $1 = $100 X 1% = $1) or $1 You would not earn at any more levels down, however still, $2.50 per day, DOING NOTHING. Not too bad at all.Take the same number of members involved, but with you being a DIVISION MANAGER;You would earn your $1 for your machine.

You also earn 10% of the next level down (10 machines @ $1 = $10 X 10% = $1), so $1. You would earn 5% on the next level (100 machines @ $1 = $100 X 5% = $5) or $5. You would earn 1% on the next level (1000 machines @ $1 = $1000 X 1% = $10) or $10.That adds up to $17 PER DAY as a Division Manager!There will only ever be 1000 Division Managers, and +/- 550 of those spots are already claimed.

Further benefits from being a Division Account Manager;Ownership of IPU Services - Ownership of the company is equally divided between all of the Division Managers - they are all part-owners, and all get a cut.

Bottom line?

The earnings potential is 10X or more than that of a Standard Membership.Management Software - Online downline management software ? keep in touch with standard members below you, be a leader, and an example.Immediate Downline - We will immediately assign ten members underneath you upon becoming a Division Manager, and you receive these plus any members THEY get, etc.Employment Opportunities –

We always have employment chances, but they are only available to Division Account Managers. Right now, in fact, we are looking for a Forum Master, and a sales leads Auction Site Manager. We have already hired the Ticket System Manager and the LiveHelp Coordinator.Free Webhosting - We supply you with a sub-page on www.ipuservices.com to promote yourself, promote IPU Services, and to help build your downline.

As for added responsibilities, well, you are not OBLIGATED to do anything additional, but it is suggested that you use our management software, which allows you to communicate with your downline. They can communicate with you and vice versa, as you should be their "leader" if you will. You would act as their representative.

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