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Do you have enjoyed a the enormity of online business? If you serous, you can make money by making use of the website or the Internet. Global sales of e-commerce business to consumer (B2C) is expected to reach US$ 1.5 trillion in 2014. Rapid development of the online business is driven by the tremendous growth of users of smartphones and tablets, increased trust in m-commerce, and emerging payment methods , safe delivery, and innovative packaging.
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If you want to take advantage of the wave of e-commerce, then as the online seller, or prospective seller must understand how to optimize their business in order to compete in the e-commerce industry is growing rapidly and dynamically. Now you can get some smart tips, which can help sellers be more successful.

Just as in conventional business strategy, then in your online business is very important to know what you want to achieve and how to achieve your targets you want in your business plan.

E-commerce market is changing very rapidly, it is important to have a flexible semi-annual plan, and also have a backup plan if the market suddenly changed. Even so, make a new plan only part of the steps that need to be done. To really understand whether you can get real results, and soon reached break even, then there must be a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are set and monitored.

That you can only see the numbers Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS), the number of visits (site visit), conversion rate, or the average volume of reservations. Therefore do monitoring daily or weekly basis, so you can instantly see what is suitable for your business and how to improve it.

If you want to understand whether you have reached the break even point, just look for a moment whether you achieve quarterly targets. This is certainly not the only factor that has to be seen, but this certainly is an important factor. Rakuten is a large company of online businesses, which already has a system called Rakuten Merchant System (RMS) that allows sellers to manage orders, marketing, and selling them. This system can be customized to meet the needs of the local market.

In the online business, then you have the opportunity to reach a diverse customer, but the key to success is to understand who your target market. You also important to know what they want to hear, and how to lure them to always come back to visit your website to buy a new product, or perhaps want to repeat previous orders.

Promotion is an important activity in any business, as well as the online business. Promotion does not always mean a discounted price. Seasonal campaigns can be very effective, for example the promotion before Christmas, Mother's Day, Chinese New Year and other holiday season. Make sure that you do the campaign fresh and exciting, trying to do the campaign daily, weekly or monthly and evaluate what form and when it is best for you.
B2C, e-commerce, make money online, marketing forum, marketing tips, online business, online business tips, rakuten, amazon
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Any promotional activity you do is dependent on what product you are offering. You can make use of social pathways used buyers to support e-commerce, such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs with content in accordance with a variety of products that you sell. You need to add a dialog box on your website so that the website visitors and customers can ask questions about your product, and even make a review on your product.

You can also create a fan page on Facebook, so that your products and your business become known to users of social media networks is well known. It may not directly result in sales, but social networking sites can help you promote your brand, increase customer loyalty, gain feedback from colleagues, and bring feedback on the market that can enhance your business.

B2C e-commerce market will continue to grow, and is estimated to reach $ 2.34 trillion in 2017. If you can sell the product attractive and good quality, especially if you can provide satisfactory customer service, then you will enjoy greater fortune cookies, even you can achieve long-term profitability. Innovation and creativity are important factors to be successful and survive hundreds of years, as has been enjoyed by conventional businessman.

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