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How To Make Money Online With Google

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Google will help you to make money online. 
The general public probably best recognizes Google as the web’s premier search engine. But many seasoned webmasters and marketers know Google as a virtual cash-cow...earning them money 24/7/365. Why should they have all the fun...learn how you too, can earn money from Google.

The general public probably best recognizes Google as the web’s premier search engine. Google’s dominance on the Internet can’t be denied or argued. But perhaps what many people don’t realize, Google has become a premium revenue source for many webmasters and online marketers.

It has became a virtual cash-cow for those who have mastered Google with their marketing techniques. They know a number one spot for a competitive keyword or keyword phrase in Google will usually prove very lucrative, bringing in a steady automatic income.

Regardless of what the other search engines will attest, seasoned webmasters also know getting a top placement in Google will usually bring more traffic than a top placement in MSN or Yahoo combined! Getting a number one spot in Google for a popular keyword can prove very lucrative, earning a webmaster revenue 24/7/365.

Therefore, webmasters have to optimize their sites and keywords for Google if they want to turn a healthy profit. Optimizing your webpages for Google is a complete industry in itself, what you really have to keep in mind, besides on-page optimization like keyword density, meta tags, etc. is that Google places a great amount of weight on off-page links and anchor text.

Google ranks all webpages on the Internet by a scale of PR0 to PR10, higher is better. One-way links from high PR sites related to your keyword or website theme is highly valued and will usually move your site up on the SERPs (Search Engine Return Pages). This is the major factor why ‘article marketing’ is all the rage and why articles are great building blocks for getting top keywords and consequently extremely important for earning you revenue, directly or indirectly from Google.

There are countless strategies for getting those top keyword listings in Google. But in my opinion, one of the best experts on the net for website SEO is Brad Callen. His ‘SEO Elite’ is top quality SEO software and his soon to be released ‘Keyword Elite’ will greatly impact how keywords are used by webmasters and marketers.

Once you have gained significant traffic, you can use Google AdSense to earn revenue from your site or blog. Google AdSense lets webmasters and bloggers earn advertising revenue by placing the AdSense code on their sites. These can be text links, images, or banners.

These AdSense ads will be directly related to your page’s keywords. Top or highest paying keywords will naturally return more revenue. AdSense ads are extremely targeted and is an effective way of earning money from your site. Learn more:

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