Generating AdSense revenue through RSS feeds and blogs

By Cody Moya

The world of the internet is one of constant change, and RSS feeds and blogs are two of the newest and most exciting opportunities for garnering additional AdSense revenue. RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication, has been gaining enormous popularity on the internet, and more and more webmasters are including RSS feeds on their site.

RSS is an XML document format used to store and organize news type content from various places into one easy source. RSS is somewhat similar to what newswires do, or to the crawler that appears at the bottom of many newscasts and 24 hour cable news channels. Many of the news items found on the typical news web site may have come through RSS feeds.

Google now has a program targeted directly at RSS. This program is known as AdSense for RSS and it offers a number of interesting options for making an additional revenue stream. It is important to note that specific policies apply to this program, and all guidelines must be followed in order to derive any benefit from this new program.

In addition to RSS, blogs provide yet another potential stream of revenue. Blogs are in some ways similar to RSS feeds except that these blogs generally have one author instead of the many sources used to create the RSS feeds.

Blogs, or web logs, are simple websites where users can write content, articles and opinion pieces on virtually any subject. Users access these types of resources to share stories, pictures and opinions. The public at large is invited to view this content and in many cases provide additional comments as well.

All this content of course means that they can be a prime source for targeted AdSense ads. In fact it can be easier to generate revenue from AdSense using blogs than using traditional web pages, in theory anyway.

Blogs have a number of important advantages over traditional web sites when it comes to generating AdSense revenue and getting viewers to click on those ads. For one thing blogs are rich in content, and most of that content is original. In addition, the content is generally friendly both in terms of human visitors and in terms of Google's search algorithms. This can make it easier for a bog site to be approved for participation in Google's AdSense program.

In addition, Google's AdSense program works best with those web sites that have already been indexed by Google. Since blogs are indexed much more easily indexed than traditional web pages it is easier for Google AdSense to target ads more effectively as the content changes.

In addition to all these advantages, blogs can be created must more cost effectively than traditional web sites, making them a good choice for a first foray into the world of Google AdSense.

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